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How To Use Condom Properly
What is a Condom
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How To Use A Condom  Properly

How To Use Condom Properly


How To Use A Condom  Properly

  • Space needs to be left at the tip of a condom to hold semen. Most condoms have a reservoir tip that should be pinched while applying the condom to avoid trapping an air bubble which could burst later.

  • Condoms are best put on the erect penis as soon as an erection is achieved and before any contact with the other person's body, and should always be put on before contact with a vagina or anus.

  • Water-based sexual lubricants, such as KY Jelly are safe for use with condoms, but oil-based lubricants weaken latex and may cause it to tear or develop holes. Many partners find it enjoyable to use lubrication to reduce abrasion. The use of lubricant is virtually essential for anal sex.

  • Condoms must be stored at room temperature. If they are exposed to heat for a long time or direct sunlight can cause condoms to break or tear

  • Be cautious as sharp fingernails or objects can damage condoms.

  • Some condoms are designed specifically for anal sex. The latex is slightly thicker, making these condoms less likely to tear than those designed for vaginal sex.

  • Condoms should be discarded after the expiration date on the package. Even ones that seem fine past that date may be more likely to burst.

  • The penis should be withdrawn immediately after ejaculation, even if the erection can be maintained. During withdrawal, the base of the condom should be held.

  • One's hands and penis should be washed before further physical contact with another person (including the sexual partner).

  • Condoms are for single use only, and should never be reused.

  • Condoms are available in special sizes for people who require larger or smaller ones.

  • Male and female condoms should not be used at the same time.


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