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10 Ways to Live Good Life
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10 Ways to Live Good Life

10 Ways to Live Good Life :

 1. Physical Health

Health is your greatest investment. Being physically health means that your body functions perfectly, without pain, discomfort or incapability. Physical health includes freedom from disease and ill health, not just in the short term, but for life. Physical ailments not only affect the body, they also impair the mind. Unless one is fit, it becomes impossible to give complete attention to other aspects of life. Health requires planning and careful consideration like any other asset. A good diet, a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and proper sleep will all contribute to improving the quality of your life. Cultivating good habits and discipline today will ensure a trouble-free life tomorrow. Important to notice your emotions and reactions and try to sort out the causes of sadness, frustration, and anger in your life can help you better manage your emotional health. Learn to express your feelings but in appropriate ways. Its important to let people close to you know when something is bothering you. Think before you act. But before you get carried away by your emotions and say or do something you might regret, give yourself time to think. Dont react in anger: in the long term it causes more problems than its worth. Laugh a lot.

2.    Financially Planning

Sound financial planning should be the anchor of your life. Let your finances follow the maxims of budgeting and saving. Budgeting can help you to know exactly what you have and how much of it you can spend without compromising on your savings. By budgeting your finances, you can make sure that you have enough for a rainy day. You can control the way you spend money, thereby making it more purposeful and long lasting. Decide how much you are going to save for emergencies, retirement and college. According to experts, the most important step is simply to decide to make saving a priority. Learn how to spend. Plan for the unexpected and save for the long term. Save out of every paycheck, bonus and raise. Teach your children financial literacy. Your children will learn by watching how you handle finances. The only way to ensure a financially comfortable life in the future is by securing it today.

 3.    Work

Work tends to be a big cause o stress for most of us. But there are simple ways to make the blow just a little easier. Enjoy your job. In other words, try as far as possible to do what you enjoy. Most people who do will vouch that it makes most aspects of life much easier. If you are, for various reasons, caught in a job you do not love, try to find happiness in other ways. For instance, connect with your colleagues: they can make excellent friends if you make the effort.

Unless you work from home, leave your work behind when you leave for the day. Do not take any part of it back home with you.


 4.    Recreation

Recreation is using your time in such a way, as to therapeutically refresh your body and mind. It differs from leisure, which is more a form of rest and entertainment. Recreation involves active participation and involvement in dynamic activities.

Recreation or hobbies make the most of your leisure time which would, otherwise, have been spend lazing. Pick up a sport you love or always wanted to try, theres no better time like the present. Join a laughter club, do the daily cross word, learn how to play saxophone, go sailing the options are endless. Recreational hobbies will work towards improving your physical well being.

 5.    Family

After a long, hard day at work, theres nothing more comforting than coming home to eagerly awaiting family. Today, however, with the fast paced hectic nature of modern work life, it is often extremely difficult to priorities and gives important to matters that involved spending quality time with your loved ones. Its easy to be weighed down by commitments, deadlines and meetings, and the best way to de-stress and take your mind off work is by taking time out with your keen. Be it a week long vacation with your parents, a picnic with your children or romantic date with your spouse, nothing can make you feel more secure, loved and appreciated than bonding with your family over such special moments. After all, we are all extensions of our families and however financially, socially and culturally sound we may be, not being well integrated with the ones we love can proof to be a disadvantage in the long run.

 6. Social Responsibility

It pays to be socially responsible. You never know how that one can be wrapper or that one plastic bag, that you throw on the roadside, will get into the eco system to come around and effect you in the ling run. We aware of these seemingly small things. Do no litter, try to recycle as far as possible. Donate a little to a charity of your choice. The satisfaction of knowing that at least a part of your hard earned money will be used towards making someones life a little easier will enrich your life as well.

 7. Emotional Health

People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings and behavior. They feel good about themselves and have good relationships. They can see problem in the right perspective. To ensure good mental health, it is for balance in your life. Make time for things you enjoy. Cultivating a stress-free and disciplined lifestyle today will keep your mind young and efficient longer.

Good health and a sound mind always go together. Without a healthy body, man may neither think great thoughts nor perform great acts. Without a sound mind, physical health is futile.

 8. Relationship

Make it a point to spend time with your friends. At least once every fort night, meet up, call or email a good friend and share something about your life with them. In your day to day interaction with people, be courteous with one and all, no matter what there social or financial standing may be. From domestic help,, taxi and auto rickshaw drivers and office boys, to secretaries, colleagues, siblings, parents and even your spouse, treat everyone with respect and do not take them for granted.

Never let your ego come in between you and anyone else in your life, Be it your spouse, colleagues or boss. A bloated ego will only take you spiraling down.

 9. Spirituality

Most of us today are so engulfed with work and related stress that we often forget who will really are. Each of us have different social images to live up to, and in the bargain, the lines that separated our real identities from our social ones get to blurred for our own good. It is here that elements such as yoga, meditation and spiritual well being come into play. Not only do such activities bring about balance of mind, body and soul but they also enhance self esteem and self discipline and keep our otherwise sky rocketing stress levels under control. A spiritually tuned and ware person executes a calm and composed aura that has become a rarity amongst a modern day workaholics. Practicing a few simple meditation techniques or yoga asana on a daily basis can leave you feeling rejuvenated, healthier and several years younger. You will find that besides being at peace with yourself 7you will also be more accepting and tolerant of people that you may not have got along with till some time ago. In fact, rationality, objectivity and understanding adjust some of the positives that can be enhanced with regular meditation. After all, it is only when one understands and accepts oneself that one can understand and accept the others around oneself.


 10. Self Discovery

Everyone has a hidden talent or potential that often goes unrealized in the daily rat race of life. Think back to the things youve always wanted to do but have never had the time for. Try and remember all the things you were good at doing, the things that got you excited. Were you a good compeer, a good communicator, a good listener, a singer, a dancer, a painter, a musician? These talents could bring you much joy and fulfillment and theres a lot you could do with them to help yourself or others to enjoy their life even more. Remember the time you were the most popular singer in your college but never pursued it seriously? Now is as good a time as any to explore your vocal skills. Have you always wanted to write a book? You may just discover theres a budding JK Rowling or Salman Rushdie hidden away in you. Developing these skills will keep the drudgery away and give new meaning to your life. 

Living a good life as all about the fine art balance, creating a whole that is more satisfying and fulfilling than the sum of its individual parts. Its all a matter of realizing the natural flow of life and giving the right amount of attention to all aspects of your day to day living. Carpe diem!

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